An Ode to Travelling Alone

“I have seen some beautiful things, made some wonderful friends and returned with a treasure chest of memories for a life time.”


A British girl in Paris

Grand slam tennis with a bit of sight-seeing thrown in: a city break in the City of Lights.

Movie Musicals: La La Land

“La La Land is equal parts understated and exuberant. It has Broadway glitz and glamour but with a beautiful simplicity.”

Women in power – time to be inspired?

I grew up my entire life hearing about the only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I was always proud that a woman had once taken charge of this country and yet the mere mention of her name elicited such vitriol and anger. ‘Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead’ hit the iTunes charts on…

American Adventures Part 2: Florida

Part 2 of my American Adventures series covering the Sunshine State, Florida. Warning: this article includes endless enthusiasm for the Harry Potter series.

Movie Musicals: The King and I

In the first of a new series covering the successes and failures of movie musicals, read my take on the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, The King and I.