Portfolio – Telegraph Media Group Clippings

During the Easter holidays this year I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week on the Education Desk at the Telegraph Media Group.

The week was an incredible learning experience and I was thrilled to be able to see my writing published on the Telegraph website. Whilst it was definitely nerve-wracking, I had to overcome a lot of my inhibitions and throw myself into the opportunity.

Below are the links to the different articles that I wrote during the week. One of these involves a quiz to test your mathematics knowledge. When the article was first published the comments section blew up with people weighing in on the accuracy of their answers, some blindly insisting that they should have received a higher mark. This was definitely an eye-opening experience as to the craziness that is the internet.

  1. QUIZ: how good are your maths skills?
  2. Head teachers give their top tips for revision season
  3. A-level revision: surviving the pressure

As always, I welcome any thoughts on these articles and, if you take the quiz, let me know what you got!

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