Autumn 2015 – Strictly fever sets in

So it’s that time of year again. The sun has finally given up and the chill of early autumn is settling in. Now we can finally give up on our desire to have a chilled barbecue on a Saturday afternoon and cosy up on the sofa with a cup of tea, watching a bit of telly.

Really this is the best time of year for the television. Across the pond in the USA the fall seasons begin as audiences anxiously await the next episode of Scandal, The Big Bang Theory – or whatever takes your fancy.

Over on the wetter side of the pond we can also look forward to a boost in great TV. Downton Abbey will be gracing our screens in just a few weeks, The X Factor is back on (though it is questionable if this truly counts as ‘good’ TV), there are several of classic BBC One dramas being advertised every 5 seconds and best of all, a little bit of glitter and a whole load of fake tan is being sprayed over our Saturday nights as family-favourite Strictly Come Dancing is back on our screens.

Whilst it may not be to the taste of everyone my age, Strictly has a special place in my heart. It has been family tradition for several years to come together on a Saturday evening and spend a few hours pretending we know anything at all about ballroom and latin dancing. It will only take 10 minutes before someone has suggested “I could have been a dancer”.

Now I am at university I only get to spend a few weeks enjoying this family tradition but no doubt we will exchange text messages Saturday and Sunday evening as we ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over the costumes, dances and predict who will be leaving the competition each week.

Last night the stars of Strictly and the new “celebrities” for the upcoming series strutted down the red carpet to launch the 13th series of the hit show. Instantly we were voicing our “expertly” formed predictions for the dancing prowess of each of this years contestants.

Whilst I may be no dancer (meaning I have absolutely zero training in either ballroom or Latin dancing) I have watched this series for well over ten years which I think leaves me with a slight bit of credibility in making some likely completely inaccurate predictions for this year. I did successfully predict the success of past winners Alesha Dixon, Tom Chambers, Harry Judd and Louis Smith – though I am not sure if it counts that in 3/4 of those examples my choice was decided by something a little more shallow than their expected dancing ability.

This year I have once again tried my hand at making predictions for this year’s series, based purely on the pairings revealed on last night’s launch show. Click here to read my predictions for the 2015 series.

Let me know what your predictions are for this year’s series of Strictly. Or if Strictly isn’t really your ‘thing’, what are you most excited about for Autumn 2015?

Thanks for reading!

Florence Odette xx

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