Preview – Downton Abbey Series 6

It’s nearly time. Just 48 hours remain between now and the opening bars of Downton Abbey’s popular theme music, signalling the beginning of the end.

(Pauses to wipe away a tear)

Yes it is the moment we have been simultaneously looking forward to and dreading. Beloved ITV period drama, Downton Abbey is to open its doors for the final time this Sunday.

Whilst I have found the quality to be slightly diminished in recent years (honestly I believe the show has never truly recovered from the loss of both Sybil and Matthew during its third series run), I still anticipate this series excitedly. What will become of our autumn Sunday nights without another update on Edith’s unfortunate love life, Mary’s stream of handsome suitors, Lord Grantham’s never-ending money troubles, Daisy’s plucky desire to better herself, and, of course, the slow-burning romance of Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes?

By the end of 2015 there will be no more Downton to get lost in – unless the rumours are true and a Downton film is in the works.

Admittedly, it is probably time for the series to go: I was not looking forward to a Downton where they were forced to contrive some medical marvel to keep the Dowager Countess alive indefinitely. Equally, Downton without Violet is not a Downton I want to know.

Luckily we’ve still got one more series to sink our teeth into. So what can we expect from the upstairs and downstairs of Downton’s halls in series 6?

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the new series, watch it below. Then scroll down for my predictions for the sixth and final series of Downton Abbey.

1. Downton will be miraculously saved…I know many have predicted that the Crawleys will be forced to close the doors of Downton forever. Indeed, it doesn’t bode well for the occupants of Downton as Robert wisely muses to Carson, “You nor I can hold back time”.

Car leaving Downton
Will Downton close its doors forever?
Yet I predict a slightly less depressing ending. Whilst the series will see huge upheaval, the Christmas special will undoubtedly have Robert and Mary coming up with a miraculous (and likely unrealistic) way to save themselves from the bailiffs.

2. Downton will be forced to downsize as the the twentieth century rolls on. Might we see Cora plumping her own sofa cushion and Robert cooking up a Sunday roast by series’ end?

3. Many of our favourite servants will be forced to leave the halls of Downton for pastures new…It looks like Thomas is already looking for new employment…

Thomas Leaving Downton
Will Thomas leave the halls of Downton forever?
4. Carson and Mrs Hughes will marry but…getting down the aisle and into married life will provide a large supply of this series’ laughs. Imagine these two navigating the realms of sharing a bed and…the rest.

Carson and bed
How will married life suit Carson?

Carson and Hughes
Will Carson and Hughes make it down the aisle in Series 6?
I’ll admit, I am still not entirely on board with these two. I always liked Carson and Hughes enjoying a platonic friendship (and resent the desire to partner up everyone on television at the expense of great friendships). Yet even I can’t pretend I won’t shed a happy tear (or two) if these two do manage to make it down the aisle.

5. Daisy’s ambitions will be realised…as she takes on farm life with her father-in-law. Last series saw Daisy determined to get an education and if the trailer is any suggestion, Daisy will be moving on from Downton very soon.

Will Daisy find a new future on the farm?
Will Daisy find a new future on the farm?
6. Edith will remain unlucky in love

Will Edith ever find happiness?
Will Edith ever find happiness?
Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be Downton if Edith had a blissfully happy ending.

7. Mary, on the other hand, will ride off into the sunset with dashing new beau, Henry Talbot…Ever since the devastating death of husband Matthew in the infamous Christmas special of series 3 I have been rooting for Mary to find love again. Whilst she has had no shortage of suitors over the past few series, none have really matched the epic nature of the Matthew and Mary love story. Yet there was a glimpse of hope in the Season 5 Christmas special and I have no doubt she’ll be happily married by series end.

8. There’ll be no shortage of verbal sparring between Violet and Isobel…if this extended preview is anything to go on…

9. Tom Branson will return! Well this is less of a prediction and more of a certainty as he was spotted on set but my excitement meant it had to be included in this list. I was devastated when Branson left at the end of last series and am very relieved the former chauffeur’s face will grace our screens one last time. If my dreams really came true he would run off with Mary but that might be a twist of fate too far, even for Downton.

10. Last but not least, the never-ending saga of Mr and Mrs Bates will finally come to an end…and not well. I predict at least one of these two will meet their maker before Downton closes its doors during the Christmas special.

Will these two ever be happy?
Will these two ever be happy?
I mean, how can one couple be involved in so many murder cases and come out unscathed? Plus there is something seriously shifty about old Mr Bates.

So what are your predictions for Downton Abbey’s return? Let me know in the comments.

Florence Odette xx

All images derived from the two trailers embedded in this post. No copyright infringement intended.


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