Hello again!

It’s been a while, I know. I have once again fallen into the trap and succumbed to university life to the point that writing a full-blown review of Strictly Come Dancing has completely slipped my mind.

As some of you may know, university is one of the most fulfilling, stressful and hectic experiences of your life. Two weeks ago I left the comforts of my home for the third time to start my last year at university. Since then I have travelled halfway up the country and back twice, balancing 50 different commitments in my own small two hands. I have barely had a chance to breathe between Freshers’ Week, grad school seminars, editorial meetings, college formals whilst settling into a new house – all with a horrific chest infection!

It has definitely been a crazy few weeks which has resulted in me neglecting my blog so I hope you accept my sincerest apologies and bear with me as I prepare some new content.

Meanwhile, check out a new blog from one of my best friend’s from home – Livy Rook. Like me, she is an aspiring journalist and her rant about the struggles of having big boobs is pure brilliance.

Lots of love

Florence Odette xx


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