An Ode to Travelling Alone

“I have seen some beautiful things, made some wonderful friends and returned with a treasure chest of memories for a life time.”


A British girl in Paris

Grand slam tennis with a bit of sight-seeing thrown in: a city break in the City of Lights.

American Adventures Part 2: Florida

Part 2 of my American Adventures series covering the Sunshine State, Florida. Warning: this article includes endless enthusiasm for the Harry Potter series.

Why am I paying £9000 for a library card?

On a dark day in 2010 the coalition government announced a nearly £6000 hike in tuition fees for undergraduate students. The decision caused thousands of students to take to the streets in protest but with little success. Five years on and I am one of those affected students. I might not see the £9000 loan…

Why I can’t stop watching Gilmore Girls

*SPOILER WARNING* In all honesty I started writing this post a few days ago simply because I felt like writing about a television series that is very close to my heart. I’d planned a nostalgic piece about a show long off the air and yet still unbelievably important to many fans. I feel its important…