Review: Dunkirk – a granddaughter’s journey

“A brilliantly crafted and heartbreakingly spell-binding take on the fateful events that took place from May – June 1940”


Movie Musicals: La La Land

“La La Land is equal parts understated and exuberant. It has Broadway glitz and glamour but with a beautiful simplicity.”

Movie Musicals: The King and I

In the first of a new series covering the successes and failures of movie musicals, read my take on the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, The King and I.

Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre  

Spellbinding, ridiculous, jaw-dropping and magical. On Wednesday evening I experienced a whole new form of theatre. Two shows in one day, with over 5 hours of magic and the return of some of my favourite fictional characters. I won’t lie – I was a bit sceptical about the concept of this production. Whilst I wouldn’t…

Review: Mamma Mia! at the Novello Theatre

Having seen the Broadway production a few years ago and re-watched the film so many times I have lost count, it may seem silly to go back to London to see the same show again. Yet when something is that good – how can I resist?

Review: Funny Girl at the Savoy Theatre

Its been a truth universally acknowledged that the only actress capable of portraying Fanny Brice on stage or film is the one and only Barbara Streisand. No one could possibly fill her shoes and belt out Don’t Rain on My Parade – so why even try? Maybe that is why it has taken so long…

The Sound of Music Live: A masterpiece of Christmas television

The Sound of Music is and always will be my favourite musical. Featuring historical drama, nuns, and songs that can’t help but make you sing along, I spent most of my childhood running around the house and garden (or pretty much any location) singing ‘The Lonely Goatherd’ and ‘Do-Re-Mi’. So you can imagine I was…

Downton Abbey – Series 6 so far…

*Updated: It seems I was rather confused when writing this post in saying that there was only one episode left of this series. I stand corrected, there are eight episodes in the series, not six. I apologise for the mistake!* After 5 weeks of drama, romance and classic Downton Abbey one-liners it’s not long before before the…