Inside the Bubble – Week 9

Towards the end of the Michaelmas term my editors and I decided to split the Bursting the Bubble feature into ‘Inside the Bubble’ for local news and ‘Bursting the Bubble’ for national and international coverage. Click here to see my report on the week’s local events published on 9 December 2015.

Bursting the Bubble – Week 5

Due to the hectic nature of term time I have not posted all of my work for The Bubble to my portfolio so I am taking the opportunity to catch up a little. In this edition I covered the local news. Click here to view.

Bursting the Bubble – Week 2

The second edition of our new feature at the Bubble. This time I tried my hand at summarising the local news in Durham. Click here to see our summary of news locally, nationally and internationally. Florence Odette xx

Bursting the Bubble – Week 1

So one of the many reasons I have been so busy in the past few weeks is that I have taken on a new role as the Deputy News Editor at my university magazine. This role is very new to me and I have been rapidly trying to get a grip of all the different…