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Why I desperately miss proper bread

The daily struggles of being gluten free…

Olivia Rook

About five months ago, I discovered that I have developed a wheat intolerance.  For anyone who knows me, they will understand that this revelation is about as devastating as finding out that your beloved family pet has died, or that Downton Abbey is due to finish at Christmas (I still feel choked whenever I think about it).  Being a university student and a lover of anything carb-based, I’m still reeling from the news.  I constantly debate: what am I supposed to make for dinner? Pasta, bread, pizza, pastry and, worst of all, cake, are all out of the picture.  I stare with longing as my housemate shoves a cheap pizza from Sainsburys in the oven, the timer set for 20 minutes, as I begin the long process of chopping up vegetables for some homemade soup.  Now, I’m sure for anyone who doesn’t understand the sacrifices which must be made by…

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